Thursday, February 23, 2017

Increase WordPress URL Length

Hello Guys,

I'm back here after a long period. Today I would like to share the simple trick for WordPress Blogging. If you need to increase URL length in wordpress sites, do following things.

1. On page "wp-includes/formatting.php" find the following line and change the value that mention as Bold

function sanitize_title_with_dashes

$title = utf8_uri_encode($title, 300);

2. In database, find the table and change the value of table field.
wp_post => post_name => varchar 300


Drawback of this setup

Whenever WordPress release update and you update your website, the default setting will be over write.

But, It won't affect the custom URL that you have assigned to the post. So that old URLs may not work until you do the same URL length increasing process.