Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Disabling local mail for a domain on parallel plesk panel

When we migrate mail servers with parallel plesk panel, We can use plesk migration manager.

But some case, we migrate server manualy,

Last time I faced following issue,

Server 1 : Current server
Server 2 : New Server

We had around 50 domain / subscription in our server. We planned to switch Server 1 to Server 2 one by one.

By commands & scripts, we've created all domains and mail accounts to Server 2. But we didn't change all domain MX to server 2. That means first 20 domains run in Server 2 and another 30 domains in Server 1.

In this case we got issue for deliver emails from Server 1 to Server 2 and vise-versa.

In this case problem with resolving domain

Any mail server first try to check whether domain in local server or not. If it in local server, it'll deliver mail to mail box directly. In our case both server have all 50 domains and their mail box. So it trying to deliver mails with in server. So it not reach to real location of mail box.

Solution !!! It's not a good idea to remove domains and mail account which is not usable. I've tried with disabling mail box in plesk panel. No use of it. Because it'll just stop sending mail to mail box. But local domain resolvation  won't be stop.

So I've to stop mail service for that domain, following command helped to do that.

/usr/local/psa/bin/mail --off domain.com

If you want to enable domain again, use following command

/usr/local/psa/bin/mail --on domain.com

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