Thursday, February 9, 2012

Users and Groups in Linux - 7


The gshadow is group password file, It is used for encrypted passwords of group. It is also as like shadow file. It is located at /etc/gshadow.The normal user can's view this and root user only can view and edit.

Location : /etc/gshadow

Fields : 

1 - Group Name : It is name of group.

2 - Encrypted Password : It is current hash of the group's encrypted password.  The encrypted password consists of characters from the 64-character alphabet a thru z, A thru Z, 0 thru 9, \. and /.  If in encrypted password edited with ! or *, the user will not be able to use a unix password to log in.

3 - Administrators : The list of  administrative users separated by comma. This will be done with "gpasswd -A"

4 - Members : The list of members separated by comma.

* Use man pages for more help.

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