Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clear Recent Documents in with History Manager for Linux

Here the steps for clearing recent documents list in

History Manager is the add-on for We are using this add-on for clearing recent documents.

Step  1 : Download the add-on from here.
Step  2 : Save it anywhere you like.
Step  3 : Open the application writer
Step  4 : Go to tools -> Extension Manager
Step  5 : It'll open new window, here click "add" button and choose the file which you downloaded at 1st step.
Step  6 : It may or may not ask for "Only for me" or "For all user". Choose your wish.
Step  7 : It shows agreement, scroll down and click accept button.
Step  8 : Restart the writer.
Step  9 : Go to tools -> Add-on -> History Manager
Step 10: Allocate your history size and click OK, If want to clear history, set "0" and click OK


Udaya Sankar said...

Good information

zohaib said...

It just happened to me too

Unknown said...

Hi, I didn't have any problems with OpenOffice this, just downloaded installed and use) I was also told that you need to monitor the updates and install them too on time then there will be no problems with working in the office suite.