Monday, October 4, 2010

Connect Windows printer to Linux machine via samba

You can connect windows printer to Linux machine easily,

Before make a printer connection do following things,

In windows,

In Linux,

Do following,

  1. Open browser and type http://localhost:631 hit enter.
  2. Click Add Printer.
  3. Give Name for printer and click continue. ( Other are optional ).
  4. Choose Device from list (Windows Printer via SAMBA) and click continue.
  5. Give the  device URI , smb://[workgroup/]server[:port]/printer (workgroup and port are optional, printer is name of the printer in windows machine). Then click Continue. ex. smb://MYGROUP/
  6. Next want to choose correct printer model. Shound choose correct printer model. It it not in list, try to choose printer as much as close to your printer.
  7. That's all.

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