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How to overcome from CM Security lock

Hello guys,

It's really crazy thing that my friend faced.

He is having android smartphone with Kit-Kat version. For security, he have installed CM Security, while he play with it, he locked his screen. Forget pattern option also didn't work for him.

He called me and said about his problem, there are some solutions in this case. Most of them ask to do Hard reset. It's good option, if you don't have any important files in phone. Because this option will do factory reset.

Suddenly remembered about a great option on Android OS, Safe-Mode. It will disable all 3rd party applications and login to you phone.

So he just reboot his phone with safemode, removed that application. After that his mobile was work fine. Same trick will work for all 3rd party security applications.

Note these things,

1. This application should installed by you. That means 3rd party.
2. You are unable to overcome from encrypted files, you'll face serious damage on this.
3. This wont work if you locked with Android default security option.

How to do safemode booting on Android,

Just 3 seconds login press power button, you'll "PowerOff menu". Now long touch "PowerOff". It'll ask you to reboot with Safemode.

That's it, enjoy the trick.

Do not hack others phone with this, it's illegal, more than that, you'll loose their trust on you.


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