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Add module (driver) while installing RHEL 5

It's an interview question for Linux System Administrator,

You want to install RHEL 5 operating system on server machine. Unfortunately RHEL 5 doesn't detect your hard disk. But you need to install it on that hard disk. How will you do ? You have module disk ( Driver CD/DVD) for that hard disk and RHEL 5 DVD.

I felt this is too hard and searched in several places, But actually it's simple thing, ( I didn't try practically because i don't have that much advance or old hard disk). Ok let us see those very simple steps. Step 1 : Insert the RHEL 5 CD/DVD and boot from CD/DVD. We will get following screen,

click image for zoom
Step 2 : There is submenu , Press F2 for show Installer boot options, It's look like as bellow,

click image for zoom
Step 3 : Type "linux dd" and hit enter, you'll get following screen. "linux dd" use to load driver disk,

click image for zoom
Step 4 : It asks whether you have driver disk or not. Select Yes and hit enter…