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Clear Recent Documents in with History Manager for Linux

Here the steps for clearing recent documents list in

History Manager is the add-on for We are using this add-on for clearing recent documents.

Step  1 : Download the add-on from here.
Step  2 : Save it anywhere you like.
Step  3 : Open the application writer
Step  4 : Go to tools -> Extension Manager
Step  5 : It'll open new window, here click "add" button and choose the file which you downloaded at 1st step.
Step  6 : It may or may not ask for "Only for me" or "For all user". Choose your wish.
Step  7 : It shows agreement, scroll down and click accept button.
Step  8 : Restart the writer.
Step  9 : Go to tools -> Add-on -> History Manager
Step 10: Allocate your history size and click OK, If want to clear history, set "0" and click OK


zohaib anwar said…
It just happened to me too
Richard Foster said…
Hi, I didn't have any problems with OpenOffice this, just downloaded installed and use) I was also told that you need to monitor the updates and install them too on time then there will be no problems with working in the office suite.